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No.3 Album Art Work
We are delighted to share the album art of the well-known music band Multitap’s new album.

The band who recorded an album after a quite long time, defines it as a creation of their maturity age. On that note they asked us to design an album cover, poster and social media visuals. For the four piece band, we wanted to visualize the notions of maturity and introversion metaphorcially. In refer to the inner and musical journey of the every single member of the band, we illustrated them as trees and the final work which also makes a reference to Egon Schiele’s “Four Trees” painting came out as the cover of the album called No.3. Two different covers are designed as No.3A and No.3B according to the mood of the songs.

For the continuity of the communication, we also designed a promotional poster which features both covers’ art work and can be hung both ways - upside down. Enjoy the album!