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Ba'ndo Creative Studio
We are innovators, instigators and storytellers with a mission to disrupt the traditional marketing, media and entertainment industries. So, you may find us creating a content, a brand identity, a commercial, a website, an app, or even an object for our clients, audiences or for ourselves.
The Near Zero Waste Programme (NØW) aims to mainstream the concept of waste minimisation within a circular economy framework, and of monetisation of waste resources in the Turkish industry and municipal sectors. The Programme assists EBRD clients in Turkey in the implementation of best available techniques (BAT) and technologies for waste minimisation with high positive environmental impact and low market penetration.
Eşit Adımlar
From finding a name to creating a concept Eşit Adımlar is one of the projects that we are very proud of. We wrote a manifesto and developed a website which is like a guide for both companies and individuals who are willing to take an action to move to gender equality within workplaces. The project is sponsored by SKD Türkiye (WBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development), TSKB and AFD solely focusing on the importance of gender equality in workplaces with the aim of maximizing the number of women in business which will have a huge positive impact on economy.
Sertaç Özgümüs
We designed and developed the website of Sertaç Özgümüş who is Turkey’s one of the most talented arrangers in the music industry. One of a kind voice control technology is used for the entry page and vector 2D libraries are developed with Audio Visualizer by using bass, high and midrange tones. To experience this breakthrough website please click the following link.
YapıKredi CC Card
This motion graphic is created for Yapı Kredi Bank's corporate solution product line. We developed the project with Happy Digital.